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It’s been a minute, now time for Dota 2!

Well, it’s been way too long since I’ve updated, and with good reason! I’ve been busy as hell with my new job…I’m now a full time web designer. In my free time I’ve been playing Starcraft II and a little DotA, but refused to move onto HoN and LoL, knowing Dota 2 is right around the corner. I’ve already signed up for beta, and public beta is coming in the Fall. Check out coverage of the International Dota 2 tournament that happened a little while ago. It was pretty exciting seeing the game and top players in action. Can’t wait to dig in!Dota 2 Logo

So I’m the DotAguy…

DotA load screen

And I like to play Defense of the Ancients(DotA for short), both casually and competitively, and I also enjoy the universe surrounding it. Throughout my blog, I’ll be posting coverage along with my thoughts on the latest DotA related finds, including:

  • strategy guides
  • interviews
  • professional play
  • personal experiences
  • replays
  • and more.

Whether you’re new to DotA,  a seasoned veteran, or just want to learn what it’s all about, check back soon, as I’ll have content that explains various aspects of the game, and helpful tools.

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