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I hopped on bnet earlier tonight with the hopes of having a few good games, which I did, but some of the games were completely underwhelming. What I ended up noticing was that in every -ap(all pick) game, the match ended up turning out one sided, because all the players just picked whatever heroes they felt like picking. The teams were unbalanced and our team, or the other were completely crushed, and this was largely due to individuals NOT picking appropriate heroes for the team. It doesn’t matter as much with how good you are individually, but more if you have good communication with your team mates, and that includes picking a hero that fits one of the core roles to win the game.

Here are the basic roles that each team needs to fill:


The Tank is meant to be the center of attention in team clashes, and is usually a Strength(STR) Hero. You need to be beefy, and not just a little beefy…you need to have enough HP to live through a lot of damage per second(DPS). Some excellent Hero choices for being the tank are Centaur, Dragon Knight, or Tidehunter.


Playing support if often deemed as the most boring role to play in DotA, but is often the most fun to play in my opinion. Literally, if a team decided to play without any support, they would not outlast the opposing team. As the support, you are usually an Intelligence(INT) Hero, and usually have skills that heal allies, disable or apply a negative buff an opponent. Some good Support Hero choices are Dazzle, Necrolite, and Omni Knight.


The Carry is often the role that everyone wants to fill, because the Carry packs a lot of firepower and crushes opponents easily. This role is actually one of the hardest to play, as you are very fragile with a low HP. Carrys are usually Agility(AGI) Heroes and are vulnerable the most at the early stages of the game and need to focus on farming a lot of experience(EXP) and gold so they can put out lots of damage late game for the team. Some excellent carry choices are Phantom Lancer, Spectre and Rikimaru.

The next time you play a game on bnet or with your friends, be sure to delegate who is playing which role and cover them all! A good format to follow is 2 tanks 2 support and 1 carry, but the important thing to remember is making sure all the roles are at least covered, and tweak the team as needed.

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With DotA, is an excellent place for casual players or the novice, but by no means is it grounds for ranked or ladder games. Sadly,’s support for a player matching system in custom games is non existent, even with the mass appeal of DotA. Every time you play on bnet, odds are  that you’ll be playing with someone that is inexperienced, cocky, rude, ignorant or all of the above; thus, foiling any chance for a full, worthwhile game…but it is only that way on the surface thanks to services like ThroneIt[THR], which offers an external ranking system that couples with the player’s skill level, and the ability to ban players for leaving or game ruining. On ThroneIt’s website, players can make or join teams and clans, to raise their skill level and ensure no one leaves.

Another issue with bnet is with “leavers”, or people that disconnect from a game for whatever reason and end up throwing off the balance of the match. If you’ve played a game on bnet, than you have most likely had the misfortune of encountering one of these people. They usually talk enough trash to bury the world with their shit, then leaves the game in an uncontrollable nerd-rage after getting first blooded.  This hilarious video illustrates what goes through the mind of someone that is at their wit’s end from leavers:

Even though isn’t perfect, with the right direction, you can still have an enjoyable time if you play with the right people.

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