Burst HP With Armlet

For those of you who are just getting started into¬† DotA, or are having a hard time with good strategies or item builds should check some popular dota communities for strategy guides. The pictures you see here are referenced from DotaStrategy’s guide section*. They release a new strategy guide around once a month, and they have a database of many strategy guides on all the different heroes. While some of these guides are very good, others are outdated and do not reflect the latest version of the game.

The basic idea behind a strategy guide is to tell you what are the tried and tested methods for effectively using any given hero. It usually follows the following format:

  1. Introduction
  2. Stats
  3. Skills
  4. Item Build
  5. Skill Build
  6. Early Game
  7. Middle Game
  8. Late Game
  9. Conclusion

What worked best for me when I was first starting out was trying a new strategy on the AI maps(you’ll have to make a free account there). After I was able to execute the strategy well enough against the AI, I tried it on bnet. Join “noobs only” or “newb friendly games” at first, and then try it with more advanced level matches, sometimes labeled as “Pros only” “[THR]“. Most of all, have fun, find a hero that you like and feel comfortable with.

*Special thanks to android_245 for letting me use images from his strategy guide: “By Ebb and Flow, A Slardar Guide” on DotaStrategy.com.

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