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Dota on the competitive level always amazes me, because of  amount of skill and focus that it takes to really be at the top of your game.  Kuroky has been a pro in the DotA Leage games for years and has  played on the legendary, a well known team among competetive DotA players.  This fan made video shows some of the more exciting moments taken from replays of his games. The high level of game play shown here consists of knowing all of the nuances of the character you are playing, and out smarting your opponent.

While there are many examples of  replays from league matches out there, the ones with a player called Kuroky have been the most compelling to me.

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With DotA, is an excellent place for casual players or the novice, but by no means is it grounds for ranked or ladder games. Sadly,’s support for a player matching system in custom games is non existent, even with the mass appeal of DotA. Every time you play on bnet, odds are  that you’ll be playing with someone that is inexperienced, cocky, rude, ignorant or all of the above; thus, foiling any chance for a full, worthwhile game…but it is only that way on the surface thanks to services like ThroneIt[THR], which offers an external ranking system that couples with the player’s skill level, and the ability to ban players for leaving or game ruining. On ThroneIt’s website, players can make or join teams and clans, to raise their skill level and ensure no one leaves.

Another issue with bnet is with “leavers”, or people that disconnect from a game for whatever reason and end up throwing off the balance of the match. If you’ve played a game on bnet, than you have most likely had the misfortune of encountering one of these people. They usually talk enough trash to bury the world with their shit, then leaves the game in an uncontrollable nerd-rage after getting first blooded.  This hilarious video illustrates what goes through the mind of someone that is at their wit’s end from leavers:

Even though isn’t perfect, with the right direction, you can still have an enjoyable time if you play with the right people.

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DotA load screen

And I like to play Defense of the Ancients(DotA for short), both casually and competitively, and I also enjoy the universe surrounding it. Throughout my blog, I’ll be posting coverage along with my thoughts on the latest DotA related finds, including:

  • strategy guides
  • interviews
  • professional play
  • personal experiences
  • replays
  • and more.

Whether you’re new to DotA,  a seasoned veteran, or just want to learn what it’s all about, check back soon, as I’ll have content that explains various aspects of the game, and helpful tools.

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